Features of Wedge Wire Water Well screen (stainless steel 316L)
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1.Screens with large open area are more suitable for the construction of high-quality water wells,oil wells and gas wells.
2.Low cost operation
Screens with large open area shall favor groundwater filtration.Abundant water will reduce the water level’s down, thus to save energy consumption.
3.Under the same condition, large open area can make the speed of groundwater’s enter into the screen much slower than any other filtration apparatus, which will avoid sand entering into screen because of high pressure, which reduce the abrasion of the pump.
4.Extending the service life of wells Comparatively, groundwater’s entering into screen with larger open area is much easier than that entering into smaller open area screen.
The slow water flow will extend the service life of the wells.

wedge wire screen 0011 (2)-1

wedge wire screen 0005-1

wedge wire screen00001-1


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