Linker Profile Wire & Support Rod

profile wire

1.Wedge wire screen——Standard Construction


  wedge wire screen001 wedge wire screen005

  • Products name:Wedge wire screen pipe
  • Material:stainless steel 304,316,316L,2205,hastelloy,low carbon,low carbon galvanized steel ect.
  • Features:A smooth surface,uniform slot,round.
  • Application:they usually used in water treatment,separation,dewatering,drying and others.

Detailed description of the Wedge wire pipe:

We use “V” or wedge wire to make the screen pipe,support rods are inside to support profile wire.Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded. The “V” or wedge wire around support rods over the full length of the screen creating a continuous slot opening, then the water (oil) enter to screen pipe,while at the same time keeps the majority of sand and gravel out of the well.

Wedge wire screens are packed by wooden boxes:

packing-1 wedge wire screen003

All products are packed by wooden boxes and in accordance with international standard transport.During get the order,place the order,start to manufacture,finish products,packing the goods,we all have regulators to supervise.Before dispatching the goods,we must check the products quality and if they doesn’t meet the standards,we will scrap the goods and manufacture it again.Maybe this will delay delivery time,but we must be  responsible for our client.We will manufacture the goods which are scraped in advance to shorten delivery time.So you can trust us completely.High quality goods with competitive price will be provided.

2.Wedge wire screen——Axial wire construction


3.Wedge wire screen——Internal Circumferential Wire Construction


wedge wire screen 037 wedge wire screen029

  • Products name:wedge wire cylinder screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304,316,316L,2205,hastelloy,low carbon,low carbon galvanized steel ect.
  • Features:OD19mm-1250mm
  • Gap: 0.02-8.10mm
  • Length: 200-6000mm
  • Tolerance Clearance:±0.1mm
  • Filter:From inside to outside

The wedge wire cylinder screen is a kind of filtered water tubing with the perforation.

It can be used with the deep well pump,dive the water pump,also can be used in the water treatment, environmen protection, sea water transforms into industrial water and life use water desalination treatment,running water treatment,water softening treatment,the petroleum industry,The petroleum product terminal filters and the chemical acid,the alkali liquid filters,the ethyl alcohol and so on the organic solution recycling filters can  be  design  according to the customers’ request. Styles of connection:by welding or by threaded male/female coupling.

4.Wedge wire screen——Internal Axial Wire Construction

internal axial-1

   wedge wire screen002  wedge wire screen011

    5.Wedge wire screen——Inverted Wire Construction


wedge wire screem-inverted


Description:Wedge wire element,weld with 4 nos externalstiffeners rings                                     

  1. Size: OD380mm x 900 long                               2. Size: OD215mm x 800 long

         slot:0.06mm                                                               slot:0.2 mm

         PW:1x2mm  SR:2x3mm   Moc:304                      PW:1x2mm   SR:2x3mm Moc:304

OD380 wedge wire element


Description:Wedge wire element,weld with 5 nos external stiffeners rings

  1. Size: OD370mm x 750 long


         PW:0.76×1.5mm  SR:2x3mm  

         Strengthening rid:10x10mm


wedge wire element-1